Jules' Graduation from Los Gatos High 2016

Congrats LGHS Class of 2016!

          Can I be completely honest? I have never written a blog post in my entire life. On the contrary to that, I have written books of journal entries, maybe even too many. One of my goals is that I write something every single day, whether that be a journal entry, poem, song, etc. Through creative writing, many people can find it is also has therapeutic benefits. Although I’ve never been academic, and always a fully bred artist, I would be lying if I said the extra AP Literature classes and Creative Writing classes never helped. I write every single day of my life, but I have never written a blog post.

         Back to the subject of school, I am relieved, more than anything else I’ve felt during this season of my life. A couple days ago, I watched a video while scrolling though my enormous mess of a Facebook feed. The video talks about how the next five years of my life after high school is the land of opportunity. I am 18 years old and I already have began to feel like all the opportunities and dreams I’ve had are slipping away from me. I grew up always knowing I would pursue music. At the age of 8 I wrote my first song and at the age of nine I picked up my guitar. Thankfully my Dad grew up in the industry, so I learned almost everything from him. The simple things, the big things, I knew I was getting the royal treatment because a lot of the hard stuff I didn’t have to experience for myself. Although this is true, sometimes I don’t think people fully learned their lesson until they “touch the stove” or “get burned”-including me, so yes I’ve had some bad experiences already. Anyways, back to the subject of the next five years, I came to the conclusion that I’ve got to do it all. I don’t have to do everything perfectly, but I’ve got to do everything I can to achieve what I feel called to do.

         It’s difficult to have a realistic goal set. If I can tell you how many times I have tried to reinvent “Jules”, you couldn’t read the entire blog post. Bending and shaping yourself to be someone who you aren’t never feels comfortable. Sometimes even while you’ve found yourself, you don’t feel 100% comfortable in your own skin. In my little experience as a singersongwriter I have found this to be true: searching for the way you aren’t supposed to be is one step closer to finding who you were meant to be. We need our many no’s to find our selective yes’s. That may sound the total opposite of what I was saying before about living life to the fullest, but even during this, I believe we have got to take the risk if that means we are discovering more about ourselves- more about what we can handle and how much can we take.

          High school is over and now I am finally free. While I am attending a JC in the fall, it doesn’t keep me away from pursuing what I feel called to. Finally, my goal. My goal is that I want people to hear a message through me that makes them question their meaning and purpose. Because I am Christian does not mean I will shout in everyone’s ear about my faith, but I won’t be silent about it since the only reason I do what I do is because I believe God calls me to glorify him in this way. I want to perform as often as possible, and I want fans who genuinely enjoy my music. Thank you thank you thank you, because if you’re reading this, it means you’ve read the entire post! What I will leave you guys with is this: what do you want to hear from me in this new season of my life? More creative writing? More vlogs? More covers? More originals? Please leave a comment below and I’m so excited to be sharing more and more of my life every monday with you all.

Thank you and so much love!