Go For It! Get Your Music on Radio!
It’s still hard to believe when I heard my song on a major (what’s called in the music business as ‘triple A’) radio station near my hometown in San Francisco. You’ll read all over the internet, not to waste your time sending CDs to radio stations but I couldn’t disagree more. It’s all about building relationships one person at a time. Contrary to what some say, there are DJs and music supervisors that want to help young artists and that’s for lots of reasons; mainly because they want to help but sometimes it because they’d like to say that they’re the one to ‘break’ a new artist.

How I Got My CD on Triple A Radio
In my case, me and my dad reached out to KFOG’s Rosalie on her show, called “Acoustic Sunrise” which seemed to be the right fit (btw, the greatest adult alternative channel in the world. Check it out at www.kfog.com). This brings up a good point: make sure your music fits the show. Do your homework. Don’t send your hip hop EDM CD to a station, show or DJ that’s known for some other, totally opposite genre. It’s a waste of their time and your time (especially money)

What Radio Stations Really Want
Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that you’re creating the very best product (music) you can; whatever it takes, beg, borrow (but maybe not steal, lol). Ask friends to collaborate; friends that know how to use a good DAW (digital audio workstation) like Pro Tools, Logic or Studio One. You can even get one absolutely free and it works great! (here’s my free tip: download Audacity: http://audacityteam.org/download/). All you really need is a good mic and a GREAT song. When you’re done and you have a great song or CD in the can, make sure the packaging looks like it wasn’t scraped together by your kid brother’s 7th grade art class. This is YOU. Get some great photography. You can even download some from any of the royalty free sites. I’m not going to get into all the steps but if you have specific questions, comment below or ping me via email. Just know one thing in radio: try to use jewel cases, not sleeved CDs. Think about it, if you’re a any radio station you might get at least a dozen CDs  day. And if they’re sitting on the DJ’s desk or studio, they’ll never be able to read a thin sleeve. You’ll have a much better chance if they can see the side of a jewel case with your name (clearly) and the song.

The Artist’s “One Sheet”
You can check out my one sheet on my about page. (go to https://www.julessong.com/about/). Try to follow this format. Remember don’t over embellish. Try to keep it factual. If you can’t do that hire a writer and/or designer on www.fiverr.com or www.elance.com

It’s All about the Base-ics! (sorry about the pun, I love that song)
Lastly reach out to the right people. As I said previously, find the right people and try to nurture those relationships. Even if they don’t reach back right away. I don’t hear back for weeks sometimes, but a gentle nudging doesn’t hurt. Treat them like gold and let them know you appreciate their help. Think quality, not quantity. So, absolutely go for it. And if you have questions comment or email me. I’ll try to get back!

~ Jules